Our Startup Story

Few years ago in 2009 at a small city-Ratnagiri (Maharashtra, India), two friends who neither having any idea about how to form a company nor having any funds or customer base, were talking about forming their own company. They want to grab the huge (!) local market & create IT employment in a small city like Ratnagiri, But is it possible without any experience? They might be thinking on the same and hence after completing M.Sc. in Computer Science, they joined an Industrial Automation startup as a software developer. During their job they travelled across India and met different people from different industries.

After completing one year job now they had enough (?) courage to fall in business. They were finding an opportunity for the same and one day they met a businessman who had having an idea of healthcare related project which had a huge scope (according to their knowledge), So both of them left the job and started to work for their own business, it was 1st September 2012.

Now they decided to form a company but what name should be given that was the question. One of their friend - Prasad Devasthali suggested the name “Aaryak” which is a Sanskrit word (Aaryak Means a Passionate Person). They finalized this name and finally “Aaryak Solutions” started.

So we are that two aaryaks - Prashant Acharya and Hrushikesh Sarpotdar. we started working on that project and some other project from government sector were also clicked. At that time company had only one computer, one of our friend-Medha Karmarkar came forward and given her computer. So now Aaryak Solutions started with two computers and Rs.20000 (token amount received from the first project) in 20X20 room at Ratnagiri. After that we never looked back, some up and downs were there but we survived because of positive attitude, concentrated hard work and blessings of our well-wishers.

Fourteenth day of June 2014 was a memorable day for us because on that day “Aaryak Solutions” became “Aaryak Solutions Private Limited” which is nothing but the power of Dreams. Yet we are walking on the path and looking for the best equipments to run faster and faster.

It’s Just a beginning, much more to go!

True stories never have endings, we just want to say thank you for showing interest in our story...!!!

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